The Best of Home Automation: Smart Plug SP1

What may a smart plug be used for? Many options are available, including setting up your machines to switch on and off at ideal times. Let’s learn more!

The Best of Home Automation: Smart Plug SP1

An appliance plug that you can connect to your devices and plug into wall outlets is called a smart plug. It enables your smartphone to operate as a controller to switch on and off your devices. You may start turning devices on from your smartphone, saving you from repeatedly walking to and from different locations throughout your home.

Some smart plugs go quite a level upwards and track how much electricity is being used by the item attached to them. Therefore, this is a helpful option for consumers concerned about their electricity consumption.

Let’s learn more about smart plugs and why they’re the best in home automation!

The Benefits of Smart Plug

Smart plugs have many benefits, so let’s look at some of them.

#1: You Can Create the Perfect Holiday Atmosphere

Making a terrifying household to frighten your neighbors, roommates, or children will help you have the ideal Halloween party. You may release hot air, switch on and off the TV with the smart plug, create tension by turning off the music, and frighten your pals simultaneously.

You may control the Christmas lights by plugging all your pairs of lighting into one power board and connecting that to power with a smart plug for a cheerier ambiance. Then, you may program your lighting to turn on at the appropriate time every day for a few hours each evening.

The festivities are simpler and more enjoyable, thanks to smart plugs!

#2: You Can Determine High Energy Usage Save on Future Purchases

When an item is connected to a smart plug, you can monitor how much power it uses. You also can connect one item at a period to a smart plug if you do not wish to purchase ten smart plugs. You’ll be able to keep track of how much energy each item uses and specify which one is consuming more than any other.

Moreover, this will enable you to determine which item, if replaced, will significantly reduce your energy bills. To turn an item off and reduce residual power usage, you can keep it connected to the smart plug.

#3: You Can Experience the Ideal Ambiance

With a smart plug, you may program your devices to switch on and off at the ideal times. Therefore, you can program timing for your cooling system and heater to switch over, whether in summertime or wintertime.

#4: You Can Make the Most of Your Charging Devices

You must recharge your smartphone relatively frequently, although they can go without charging for up to 8 hours at once. Leaving them on the charger for longer than required will harm their battery.

Using a smart plug to attach your charger, you may operate it on a timetable that switches off the electricity at predetermined intervals to preserve your batteries.

#5: You Can Reduce Kids’ Screen Time

Smart plugs can assist you in limiting your kids’ technology usage and creating a production schedule.

For instance, you could turn the electricity back on for the time beforehand supper so you would have the tranquility you need to resolve it. Lastly, switch off the electricity before you rest to ensure that no one is rolling out of bed during the night to engage in video games when they should be asleep.

#6: You Can Prepare Your Meals Without Risk of Fire

With smart plugs, you may set a timer on your smartphone to switch on your stove at the correct moment; this will ensure that your supper is cooked when you return from a long starving day.
Additionally, assuring these devices are turned off when not in use with a smart plug can lessen the likelihood that one of them malfunction and burst into flames while you are at work.

Introduction of SP1 Functions- Why Are Smart Plugs ‘Smart’?

Let’s explore what SP1 offers and its functions.

#1: Voice Control

With SP1, you may use straightforward voice commands to manage several devices in the home through Alexa using a UbiBot smart outlet. With such a smart plug, you can operate your apartment’s electronic equipment conveniently and hands-free anytime.

#2: Remote Control

Without a router, the Smart Plug SP1 offers network connections with a simple setup over 2.4G WiFi. Only with UbiBot APP (compatible with Android 8.1+ & iOS 11+) you may sign in to the cloud platform to setup up and monitor the system’s status at any moment and place. It transfers data to the Internet of Things cloud platform instantaneously. It lets users track the system’s state by implementing customized notification configurations. In addition, a web console is available for free wireless monitoring.

#3: Electricity Statistics

The Smart Plug SP1 may automatically turn on and off the appliances attached to it to the surrounding conditions using the automated criteria you specify. For instance, it can activate ventilation if the temperature increases above 28 °C. Whenever data deviate from the predetermined range, it can send notifications. With SP1, you have a sophisticated energy counting feature that shows you how much power is being used and gives you insights into each device. So, you can make preparations for energy conservation.

#4: Schedule

Utilizing a timer or countdown schedule, you may set your SP1 to automatically switch on and off any electronic items, including lighting, heaters, air purifiers, Christmas lights, and many more.

#5: Temperature and Humidity Monitor

SP1 handles temperature and humidity measurements via the DS18B20 and TH30S-B external probes, and this potent addition may enrich the product’s features and make it suitable for additional utilization circumstances. The autonomous automated process is formed because all the data is synchronized with the same UbiBot platform. You will not be concerned if you establish a regulation to switch on the fans when the temperatures reach 30 C and send an email notification.

Interfacing with Other UbiBot Products

IFTTT, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Google Sheets all function with SP1. Products from UbiBot, including WS1, WS1-Pro, and GS1, allow you to define regulations and quickly instruct SP1 to check your home’s gadgets whenever something is out of the ordinary.

For instance, you will most frequently use an SP1 in a bath or dormitory. You already know how helpful this may be if you ever forgot to unplug a hair appliance before leaving home. Plug an SP1 into the restroom socket, then connect along your straightener or dryer. It can provide you some comfort, knowing that your apartment won’t fire up when you leave, even if you turn it off.

A strong alliance formed by SP1 and UbiBot products is created to simplify your life.

Introduction to the Application Scenarios of SP1

Let’s explore some SP1 application scenarios and how SP1 can come in handy in these situations.

#1: Remotely Controls the Lights

You spend a lot of time in the living area socializing with your loved ones and watching tv. The first thing that might cross your mind is utilizing the SP1 on headlights and lamps. Additionally, this might benefit lightbulbs in difficult-to-reach places, so you can switch them on and off as needed and save energy. You might reduce your energy costs by employing an SP1 in your workplace. You may remotely disable everything by hooking it into your computer screens and hard disk drives during specific hours during the day.

#2: Timing Control of Home Appliances On and Off

SP1 can be employed for power protection, electric power-off protection, and other purposes like turning off household appliances after two hours. External connections for strobe lights and siren alarms can lower the likelihood of accidents occurring.

#3: Temperature and Humidity Control On and Off

When the external humidity and temperature sensor is connected to SP1, you can use the information obtained from SP1 to manage the humidity and temperature by turning the humidifier or thermostat on or off. The basement ventilation system, for instance, can have its turnaround time controlled on a pc or phone application after it has been connected to SP1. For instance, the airflow could be turned on for 10 to 15 minutes per two hours. Owners can monitor the basement’s ambient conditions with the external sensor.

#4: When You Connect Your Appliance Through a Smart Plug, You Can Track How Much Electricity It Consumes

Even when an appliance is turned off, it continues to use energy in your home or workplace, and using an SP1 with your appliances will cut down on the number of dollars you spend on things you don’t use all day. The capability to control your device and manage it remotely is the main advantage of utilizing an SP1. As a result, you can reduce your energy costs and improve safety.


You have more control with a smart plug like the SP1 to cut high energy bills and save cash without worrying about forgetting what lights you switched on that evening. SP1 handles all the work; all you have to do is to make the purchase!