The Ultimate Guide to Smart Motion Sensor MS1 The Device We Can’t Live Without

Smart motion sensors are part of our lifestyles. Here’s a guide to help you understand MS1 so you can enjoy every benefit the sensor offers.

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Motion Sensor MS1: The Device We Can’t Live Without

Facilities can track and recognize activity by installing motion sensors, which are security systems. During night hours, such appliances notify owners of unlawful activities in restricted regions.

Motion sensors provide houses with a high level of safety that safeguard family and friends secure, and possessions secured from crime.

The following are the main advantages that motion sensors provide:

  • Protect your family and your propertyfrom intruders
  • Protect business facilitiesfrom robberies
  • Prevent petsfrom wandering into risky locations
  • Prevent unauthorized accessfrom entering off-limits areas

Let’s explore how these devices work and how we can benefit from them.

The Function of MS1

Let’s take a look at some of the functions that our new device, MS1, has to offer.

1. Easy to Install

Simple installation and MS1 are synonymous terms. It can either be mounted on the wall with a screw or placed directly in the area that has to be monitored. The MS1 is, therefore, conveniently installed with your preferred settings. Thanks to the device’s matte soft white surface, you can effortlessly fade it into the surroundings while the MS1 recognizes ambient movements with incredible precision.

2. Instant and Multiple Alerts

When joined to the IoT cloud service via Wi-Fi and a POE Ethernet connection, MS1 will automatically inform you in several ways about any movement you want to know about (App notifications, emails, voice calls, SMS, HTTP).

Various situations can produce various client experiences, such as:

  • Induced lighting: Put MS1 in the office to connect to a Smart Plug and turn on/off the lights as somebody else walks by
  • Security Alert:Through the Internet of Things cloud platform, alerts will be delivered immediately to the owner if one enters the residence without authorization
  • Animal concern:The user will be alerted if the pet escapes the household

3. High Precision Detection

The detection range is 12 meters, and the detection angles are 40 degrees vertically and 105 degrees horizontally.

4. Device Sharing

There is no limitation on the number of devices simultaneously under one user’s supervision. Therefore, sharing devices with others enables distributed control by various acquaintances, coworkers, or family members.

Application Scenarios of The MS1

Let’s explore a few of the MS1 application scenarios.

1. Automates Your Home

IFTTT, Alexa (2.4GHz Wi-Fi only), Google Assistant, and Google Sheets all function with the MS1. To reduce energy consumption, MS1 automatically switches on and off linked smart devices whenever you enter and go.

2. Protects Your Home

You will be quickly informed by MS1 of any activity, such as when a person approaches the front door, and you will receive the notifications we indicated above in different ways.

3. Shows Up for Your Loved Ones

MS1 monitors elders’ motions in the house and alerts you if there is no motion (an adult has fallen or left the house), which also provides you and your household with assistance when you most need it. Additionally, MS1 will alert you if your playful children approach risky locations, enabling you to maintain a check on your children while you are occupied with chores. You can ensure your kid’s welfare with the warning.


4. Pets Care

For added peace of mind, this pet-friendly sophisticated motion sensor can alert you right away when your pet enters or exits the house. Additionally, MS1 instantly turns on/off fans while your pets are home alone, keeping them cool during the summer. MS1 is ideal for both you and your devoted pet!


An easy and affordable way to begin when establishing a home is with a smart motion sensor like the MS1. This adaptable tool may assist you with various tasks, such as improving the protection of your household, lowering your monthly electricity consumption, safeguarding your pets, and many others. We hope this guide clarifies why MS1 is an investment worth making.