UbiBot Brand Story — on the way to build the future of the Internet of Things

UbiBot is a brand that has been registered in the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United States.

The word, UbiBot, technically is a short form for ubiquitous robot. We believe in the world of tomorrow, robots, AI and IoT will play an increasingly important role.

Artificial intelligence promises a brand new world of computers that can plan, strategize and make smart decisions. But to actually do anything, AI needs the data from the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to evaluate options, calculate probabilities and make smart decisions. In return, some of these insights and decisions can then be acted upon by IoT and end devices such as robots, drones and industrial machines.

That’s why we created the Wireless Smart Multi-Sensor device WS1 — a smart real-time data monitoring solution. It is embedded the industrial-leading IoT technologies, allowing you to wirelessly monitor the environment conditions that matter to you.

The team behind UbiBot, is composed of young, energetic and motivated people led by Dr. Yang Li who received his computer science PhD degree from Imperial College London. These people are dedicated in building the future of the Internet of Things and have made great progress in this field.

We are committed to building an end-to-end IoT ecosystem that leverages our expertise in cloud and hardware. We seamlessly integrate cloud-based data analytics into all our products and, combined with our advanced devices, we are able to offer customers unique environmental insights in real time.we are now looking to use our experience in big data to drive the next generation of artificial intelligence(Al) based devices.