How to get started with Platform APIs?

In regards to the platform RestFul APIs, please read this page first to get started. This page describes the important information such as endpoint and ways of authentications:

To obtain the required authentication credentials, please login to

The account key can be found on page: Account->Security.

The API key is located on each channel page.

This page describes how to get the list of devices (channels). This is one of the most useful APIs that will return the latest readings of all the sensors of all device in one call:

This page describes how to use data forwarding service. In generate, it will forward a copy of the original feed data from any UbiBot device to the given URL endpoint. This can be useful to seamlessly connect UbiBot devices to third-party platform business logic or third-party applications. This service requires activation on the UbiBot platform along with some development work on the data endpoint to correctly handle the incoming data feeds:

This page describes the feed summaries API. Each feed summary record consists hourly sum total, average, number of records, standard deviation, maximum and minimum values of each individual field. It is useful for large-scale data analysis usage. There will be 1-2 hours data reading delay as back-end summary processing required: