How to share data with another user?

You can enable data sharing from the App and from the IoT platform.

  1. Using the App
    • Launch the App and log in.
    • Select the device you want to share and go to the info tab.
    • Click on Share and in the search box search for the other user by username, or email.
    • If the user is found, their name and details will be displayed. Click on their name and confirm that you want to share the device with them.

  2. Using the IoT platform

  • Log in to your account on the platform and locate the correct device.
  • In the device information screen select Share and search for the user by email or user name.
  • If the system finds a match, select the user and confirm you want to share the device.

*Devices that have been shared with you will appear under the Other tab in the app and on the platform. Devices you have shared with other people will appear under the Shared tab.

*To stop sharing the device on the App, locate it in the Shared tab, then swipe to the left and click on the revealed Delete button. Confirm that you want to stop sharing the device.