Data Synchronizing Failed

  1. I have set up my device, but I don’t see any data on the App or IoT Platform. Why?

    When the device first connects to the IoT Platform it may not have any data to synchronize. Please check again after 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can trigger a manual data sync by pressing the button once. The device will beep and will flash green for a few seconds. However, remember the device only records sensor data periodically (by default every 5 minutes) so you need to wait at least this long.

    If the data sync still doesn’t work, reset the device and setup the WiFi connection again.

  2. My device isn’t synchronising with the IoT platform. Why?

    Please check the following things:

    • Check that the device is powered on. Press the button and listen for a beep. This will make the device manually sync the data. If the indicator flashes green, then the sync is working. If it flashes red once then there is another problem. Try the next steps.
    • Check that the device has sufficient battery power for the WiFi to work. WiFi takes a lot of power — the device may be on, but unable to connect to the WiFi. If you have access to recent readings from the device, check if the voltage has dropped below 2.6v. If so, try changing the batteries.
    • Make sure your device’s WiFi router has a working Internet connection (for instance, try to access using a mobile connected to the same WiFi). Without an Internet connection, the device won’t be able to connect to the IoT platform.
    • Check that the WiFi connection is working properly, if need be, go through the WiFi setup again.