Why isn’t the probe data synced to the platform?

Some customers contacted us for unable to view the data detected by the probe. Here is the right way to enable this feature.

Insert the probe into the device.

Launch the UbiBot App and log in.

In the home page, press the channel in which a probe is inserted.

Go to the “Settings” page.

Down at the page, you would see a tab for “external probe”.

Enable it, then select the sensing inputs interval.

You have to press the power button to manually sync the data if you’d like to view the data immediately. Or, you have to wait 5 minutes (for example, you set 5 minutes interval) for the data to automatically sync to the platform.

Tips: the data sync interval will have direct impact on the data update. So, sometimes, you need to wait for a little while before the data displayed on your app or the platform. Setup the interval in your preference, then you are able to have peace of mind.