Warranty of Ubibot Probes

  1. The Ubibot probe is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of up to One Year from the original purchase date. To claim under this limited warranty and to obtain warranty service, please contact customer service or local distributor to obtain instructions on how to pack and ship the product to us.
  2. The following situations will not be covered by the warranty:
    • Issues arising after the warranty period has ended.
    • Malfunction or damage caused by improper handling or not operating the probe according to the instructions.
    • Damage occuring from using probe outside the recommended temperature and humidity range, damage from applying excessive force to the probe cable and connector.
    • Natural wear and aging of materials. Failure or damage caused by unauthorized removal of the parts.
    • We are only liable for faults due to manufacturing or design.
    • We are not responsible for damage caused by Force Majeure or acts of God.