Settings of Probes with RS485 Interface for WS1 Pro Device

Currently, we have three types of probes that are embedded with RS485 interface, including the TH30S-B probe, the Soil Temperature and Moisture Sensor, and the PT-100 temperature probe. Before you get started with these probes, please follow the 3 quick steps below to enable them first.

    1. Insert the probe into the USB2 connector on the WS1 Pro device, because these two probes require RS485 interface. The WS1 device doesn’t support this type of probes.

    1. Log into your account, enter the device which the probe is connected. Turn on the RS485 button. Please note, the RS485 S button is for the Soil probe.

  1. Press the power button once, you can manually sync the data to the platform. After the synchronisation completes, you can view the data directly on the LCD screen or wirelessly via the App or the console. Please note, the screen can only display temperature of these two types of probes. The humidity readings is only available via the App or the console. Our R&D team is working hard on the new batch of screens to make sure all the data can be displayed by a switch button.

*Please note, the probes are under one year limited warranty since the purchase date. For details, please click here.