IFTTT Webhooks Integration with UbiBot Trigger Alerts and UbiHTTP

Please note we are now signed up with IFTTT platform as a public service provider.  More information about the Triggers and Applets can be found here

This example demonstrates how to integrate the IFTTT Webhooks with UbiBot platform. You will need to first create a UbiHTTP item on the HTTP interaction page (http://console.ubibot.com/#/ubiHttp), then configure the corresponding trigger rule under channel page. When the rule is triggered, it will call the IFTTT webhook URL to interact with other service actions listed on IFTTT.

Steps 1: Create a new Applet on IFTTT platform (https://ifttt.com) by select Webhooks from the service list.

Steps 2: Select “Receive a web request”. Enter the event name, please keep a note of this. The string value of this event name will be used later.

Steps 3: Choose the desired action, in this example, we are choosing “Send me an email”.

Step 4: From the IFTTT webhook page (https://ifttt.com/maker_webhooks) navigate to “settings”page, or open the URL directly https://ifttt.com/services/maker_webhooks/settings.

Copy the URL showing on the page and open it in the browser. Substitute the EVENT_NAME of the trigger event URL showing on page with the string of the event name you created in previous steps.

For example: http://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/temperature_over_10_degress/with/key/xxx
This trigger event URL will be used to setup the UbiHTTP.

Step 5:: Login to console.ubibot.com, navigate to HTTP interaction page (http://console.ubibot.com/#/ubiHttp).  Enter the URL of the trigger event URL from IFTTT. Select “POST” method, enter content type “application/json”. You can pass the channel ID, trigger field and the trigger value to the body by entering this:

{“value1″:”%%channel_id%%”,”value2″: “%%trigger%%”, “value3”: “%%trigger_field%%”}

Step 6: Create a Sensor Alert from the console panel of the selected channel. Choose “HTTP” from the mode of alert drop-down menu, and select the created UbiHTTP in the previous step.  When the this sensor rule is satisfied, it will trigger the UbiHTTP to call the IFTTT event webhook and pass the required information to IFTTT to trigger the selected actions. If the Applet is triggered, you will see the events on IFTTT platform (https://ifttt.com/activity)