The Importance of Temperature Monitor in Fine Art and Antique Storage

Regardless of the size and value of your collection, you still want to preserve them for the enjoyment of generations to come. Whether you have an eclectic home collection, a small gallery, or a large museum, temperature control is essential for the longevity of your treasured pieces. Keep reading as we explore some key facts about the optimal storage of fine art and antiques. We’ll also share the details of the most innovative temperature management system to help you preserve your historical items.

The Fundamentals of Fine Art and Antique Storage

The storage requirements will vary for different types of fine art pieces and antiques. However, let’s consider some key factors that govern these requirements.

Manage Temperature Fluctuations

The temperature has serious implications for your pieces. Climate fluctuations can cause the materials of your art pieces to expand and contract a lot. These dimensional changes can cause dislocation of joints/connections, splitting, breaking, cracking, and overall distortion of the surface material.

If the temperature increases a lot in a storage space or container, then some materials may sftart to sweat. This sweating can cause colours to run and materials to warp. While you may avoid placing these items in direct sunlight or under heated lighting, this is not enough. The increase in the overall temperature can still cause sweating to occur. Climate-controlled storage helps to eliminate these temperature swings and preserve your objects. The best storage temperatures range from 68 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

Humidity Has Many Implications

Humidity is the enemy of great art. The moisture in the atmosphere can impact all forms of art, from paintings to sculptures. Many historical pieces have been affected by the mold and mildew brought by a humid climate. This can cause irreversible damage to a collection, which then lessens its value.

High relative humidity levels may also generate chemical reactions in a variety of art pieces. These effects may include rusting of metals, dyes fading, clouding of glasses, or yellowing of paper. The sad thing is that some of these types of damage can’t be reversed. Therefore, these changes are likely to have a lasting adverse impact on treasured pieces.

The only way to ensure the preservation of art pieces and antiques is to maintain the humidity levels within specific boundaries. This will provide the ideal conditions to store your valued artwork and historical artefacts.

Getting the Temperature Just Right for Your Art Collection

You spent a lot of time collecting your artwork, so it’s only wise to spend just as much time to preserve it. Maintaining the optimal temperature is vital for the protection of your valuable pieces of art. We also know that it can be difficult to keep a constant temperature. But, it’s possible with an integrated wireless system that is designed to record the temperature and also regulate it to the desired level.

These specialised wireless sensors can manage a wide range of temperatures, levels of humidity and pressure settings. You’ll have real-time access to the data storage attached to these sensors. You can also use this historical data to plan the operations of your gallery or museum for the best results.

This wireless temperature management system also contains analytical tools that are fuelled by cutting-edge cloud technologies. You will be able to access data about your fine art and antique storage facility at any time and from any device of your choice. Even if you have multiple locations to monitor, that’s no hassle! You will be able to manage all your locations at the same time with this innovative temperature monitoring system.

Now, let’s delve into all that UbiBot has to offer in temperature management!

UbiBot: The Best Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

If you want to get the best in wireless temperature management, then you need to get UbiBot. Your fine art and antique storage can benefit from either the base or pro versions. However, you should note that all UbiBot systems feature industrial-grade smart sensors.  These sensors register and regulate the variations in the temperature, humidity, vibrations, and light distribution. In the case of the pro sensor, you also have an LCD screen that displays the readings from each device. However, you don’t need to access manual readings, as the UbiBot® IoT interface syncs these remote thermometer sensors using a Wi-Fi connection. There’s no need to monitor each sensor or use a costly hub. You can simply access your facility’s storage data whenever and wherever you choose!

An Infinite Set of Interactive Responses

The UbiBot wireless temperature monitoring system features the IFTTT (if this then that) protocol. So it doesn’t matter what temperature changes occur in your storage facility, because the system has a wide range of responses to return the environment to the optimal level. These responses are all automated, so you can rest easy and let UbiBot do all the work for you!

Get the Benefits of the UbiBot App

All the data from your fine art and antique storage facility will be completely secure within the UbiBot app. The virtual guardian component helps you to manage all of your sensors and alerts. You decide how frequently you receive alerts, and whether you receive them within the app, via email or SMS. You don’t have to worry about losing your Wi-Fi connection. This is because your sensors will still work even when the system goes offline.

You can also choose to share your data and alerts with other team members. All you need to do is select which person accesses what data. You can also monitor how these persons utilise the data that they access. The UbiBot app is designed to give you peace of mind and the optimal temperature control in your storage facility.

Innovative Climate Control for Your Fine Art and Antique Storage

You can preserve your artwork by implementing the best temperature monitoring system. The UbiBot system uses the best smart sensors to record and regulate the optimal temperature in your storage facility. Contact us today to find out how you can get this innovative system for your facility!