The Importance of Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring

Exceptional healthcare delivery is dependent on the provision of high-quality medical supplies. Most medications must be kept in climate-controlled areas to maintain their shelf life and effectiveness. Therefore, temperature monitoring of pharmaceutical products is vital.

Most countries have agencies that regulate the temperatures of pharmaceuticals when they are produced, being transported, and when they are in storage. This means that for all stages of the supply chain, the right ambient temperatures must be maintained.

The value of the global pharmaceutical industry is expected to reach US$1170 billion by 2021. It is evident that you operate in a growing industry, and you want to preserve your stock of medicines and supplies. We invite you to keep reading for more information on how you can have the best in climate-controlled storage. You will have peace of mind knowing that you face less risk of losing valuable inventory, and that your organisation is compliant.

WHO Regulations on the Pharmaceutical Industry

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has regulations that govern the storage conditions of medical products. These regulations are guided by the label requirements for each product. Medicines should be stored in ambient conditions in dry, well-ventilated areas between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. Whenever they are being transported, then temperature monitoring devices should also be used to record and adjust the climatic conditions.

Some medications, such as vaccines, have specific storage requirements. Vaccines (like measles, MMR, and yellow fever) must be stored between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius until they are administered to patients. However the liquid versions (such as those for diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and hepatitis B) should never be frozen, but kept in cool conditions.

Good Distribution Practice Guidelines

These are the baseline standards that pharmaceutical distributors must meet to ensure the integrity of their medicines and supplies. This quality assurance begins with good manufacturing practices at the beginning of the supply chain.

The good distribution guidelines ensure that products pass through the supply chain without any alteration to their medical properties. This means the use of appropriate equipment and processes to maintain the right balance between the correct temperature and humidity levels.

Climate Control for Pharmaceutical Products

Climate control is a necessity in the pharmaceutical logistics process, and care must be taken with the storage space for these items. The space should be temperature mapped to determine the zones that experience extreme spikes. This should be done regardless of the size of the space, as temperature variations are also possible in a small space.

This careful temperature monitoring also applies to the packing and shipping phases. The temperatures present during the entire logistical process should be measured and managed. The overall conditions during shipping preparation, physical loading, and transit must also be controlled to minimize climatic fluctuations.

When dealing with a space with varying temperatures, an integrated wireless system is essential. This system should be able to read native temperatures and then automatically adjust to provide the right levels of heating and cooling. We have the best option on the market to fit your organisation’s needs!

The Basics of Temperature Monitoring

These industrial wireless sensors are perfectly suited to register and respond to a variety of conditions like temperature, humidity, and pressure. The sensors give real-time info and help you learn more about how your storage space functions. You can use the archived data and the statistical analysis tools to guide daily procedures.

This integrated system also connects with cloud technologies. This means that you will have on-demand access to your storage data on any device and at any time. Is your pharmaceutical business spread across multiple storage facilities? That’s not a problem. You can manage many different locations simultaneously. All the data for each location will be available at your fingertips. So installing a wireless monitoring system means that you will save time and have lower costs for your pharmaceutical operations.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Do you want a wireless temperature monitoring system that is adaptable to every location? Then UbiBot is the best system for you! The base and pro versions of this system offer robust wireless sensors. Each one of these sensors collects internal and external temperatures, vibration, humidity, as well as ambient light. With the pro sensor, you also get an LCD screen so that you can see the readings from each device at a glance.

The UbiBot® IoT system syncs each of these remote thermometer sensors via your standard Internet connectivity. This allows you to bypass an expensive separate hub to access and manage your information. You will have complete freedom over the use of the data from your pharmaceutical operations.

A Wide Range of Responses

You don’t have to worry that UbiBot won’t be able to respond to certain circumstances. This unique wireless temperature monitoring system includes the IFTTT (if this then that) feature. This means that you’re covered, as all the possible scenarios that could occur in your storage facilities have an extensive number of responses. These responses are all interactive and are automatically activated. So, you never have to do anything, as the UbiBot system does it all for you!

Keep Up to Date with the UbiBot App

The UbiBot app will keep all the data about your facilities private and secure. The virtual guardian feature also allows you to manage all of the sensors across your locations and sends you alerts. But these alerts won’t be an annoyance, as you can schedule how often you receive notifications. You can also set the notifications to be sent to you via the app, email or SMS. Even when you lose Wi-Fi access, the UbiBot system keeps working, as the sensors also record when offline.

The app gives you the option to share data and notifications with your team members. Are you uncomfortable about sharing some of these details? Then you can choose to customise which team member has access to what data. You can also manage how each member utilises data collected from the temperature monitoring system. Enjoy all the advantages of perfect climate control, while maintaining the integrity of your pharmaceutical supplies. It’s all at your fingertips with no fuss at all!

Perfect Temperature Control for Your Pharmaceutical Products

The integrity of your medical supplies and compliance with regulations are essential. The cost-savings from preserved inventory and efficient climate control will also benefit your organisation. UbiBot’s smart sensors offer you the best performance in your temperature monitoring requirements. Not only will you get the best in climate regulation, but you will be able to give the very best in healthcare support!