Can Your Freezer Thermometer Alert You of Emergency in Time? Ubibot Will Do

We’ve all been there, your power goes out, and your fridge suddenly stops working as it requires power to run.

What you may not be aware of is that the many things you have placed in the fridge, and especially in the freezer are starting to defrost.

This in turn will make them go bad, and you cannot cook nor eat them if it is too late.

So how do you combat such an occurrence or simply ensure that it never happens to you in the future ever again?

One Solution to Solve It All

Many modern freezers feature advanced tools that monitor the temperature within them.

However, most of them are extremely outdated when it comes to features.

This means that even if the thermometer measures that the temperature is getting hot due to power loss or device failure, you are simply not informed that this has occurred until the very last moment.

This in turn could lead to potentially rotten food that can become poisonous to consume, and you might end up losing thousands of dollars in the process.

This is especially the case if you are a business owner who relies on the tools at his disposal to run his business effectively and efficiently.

So you now may be asking yourself, how can you make an investment to save you from such troubles?

What in the world exists with the current technological advancements to ensure that you are always aware of the temperature shifts your thermometer logs no matter where you are in the world of how away you are from the freezers as a whole?

It is high time that you learned about Ubibot, the bot that keeps everything going.

Ubibot Explained

Think of Ubibot as your friend, not just as a piece of technology that makes your life easier.

You see, this friend constantly informs you about the changes in temperature throughout your freezer in real-time.

Ubibot has access to the internet of things, through which, with the official application, you gain synched access to all of the climate information available from the platform at any given time.

This is the perfect solution for anyone in agriculture, industries, pharmacies or just people living at home with specific hobbies which requires the monitoring of temperature, humidity, light, and more.

With 24/7 intelligent monitoring, you will always know if an emergency occurs, no matter the time of day or night.

You now may be wondering, this all sounds great and neat, but what kind of technology goes behind Ubibot and how exactly does it work?
Ubibot has a revolutionary way through which it monitors environmental conditions exactly where they matter.

It features sensors that synchronize with the IoT platform, where it takes advantage of the wireless sensors and creates a WiFi thermometer, which allows for remote environmental monitoring.

Fundamentally you are using a wireless sensing device to monitor everything.

You can put the device inside a refrigerator when the monitoring range is between -20 to 60 C, RH: 10% to 90%, or use a flat cable probe which can be inside of the refrigerator while leaving the device outside.

The capabilities and sheer level of flexibility you get out of this device are endless and it truly provides a unique experience.

The DS18B20 temperature probe is a waterproof external temperature probe that you can use within the liquid, outdoors, or in a freezer.

It features a stainless-steel material and is suitable within an extremely hot or an extremely cold environment.

Best of all, it works with all IoT devices and is ready to use outside of the box.

Due to the high build quality, it will not rust under any condition, and the different cable lengths are designed to offer the end-user a very high level of flexibility in the long term.

The USB connector which is connected to the cable allows you to deploy the probe within seconds, and there is even a variant where the flat cable can be put through the refrigerator door.

You should also keep in mind that the flat cable is unshielded.

The cable is offered in:

  • 3 meters round cable which is shielded
  • 5 meters round cable which is shielded
  • 3 meters flat cable which is unshielded

When the cable is connected to an Ubibot device, it can stream and sync the data to any platform service you choose to have it on.

These services include:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • CALL
  • Spreadsheets
  • UbiHTTP
  • Google Home
  • Alexa

Google Sheets can help you export your data automatically.

Google Assistant and Alexa can report the current temperature to you by simply asking them “What’s the temperature”, however, they will not alert you like the other services.

There is a threshold of 200 free alert emails per device per month and this is rotated on a monthly basis.

If you own 10 devices, you will have 2000 free email notifications per month.

Any excess notifications cost 3 credits per 1000 emails.

There are multi-channel configurable alerts with real-time alerts that provide you with peace of mind.

Advanced alert options make sure that you are not interrupted when you do not want to be, so you can turn off notifications throughout any selected period of the day.

The multiple channels allow you to receive alerts throughout many different options, and a virtual guardian receives alerts if any metric goes outside of the range you set.

The online monitoring tool allows you to be alerted as soon as any single one of your devices goes offline, but the device keeps on collecting data even while offline, this way you do not lose any readings what so ever which makes it amazing for people who want to always remain in the loop.

As such, the Ubibot ecosystem is developed with the intent of helping out the end-user and saving him potentially thousands in the long term.

With constant monitoring available at your fingertips through the app you can install on any device, you are constantly aware of what is happening within your freezer and other enclosures you might be using at your home, which will make an impact on the overall outcome of your many endeavors.