Soil Temperature and Humidity Determines the Grow of Your Plant

Soil temperature affects the growth of plants in an indirect way by affecting water and nutrient uptake as well as the growth of the root.

At a constant moisture content, a decrease in temperature can result in a decrease in water and nutrient uptake.

At lower temperatures, transport from the root to the shoot is reduced.

Water helps a plant by transporting important nutrients through the plant itself.

These nutrients are drawn from the soil and used by the plant for growth and without enough water within the cells, the plants droop, so the water helps a plant to stand. The water carries the dissolved sugar and other nutrient through the plant.

The Solution

The Ubibot RS485 Soil Temperature and Moisture Sensor, Waterproof Soil Probe, Garden Soil Temperature Humidity Monitor, Stainless Steel Soil Tester connects through USB to our WS1Pro and GS1-AETH1RS, GS1-AL4G1RS devices.

The ideal temperature range for indoor plant growth is between 70 degrees F to 80 degrees F per day and 65 degrees F to 70 degrees F at night.

Soil moisture associated with variations of air humidity can affect the soil susceptibility to wind erosion.

It has been shown that air-dry soils decrease as humidity increases.

Warmer temperatures increase respiration and as such, reduce the growth.

The appropriate temperature can help a plant maintain its growth process at an optimum level.

The right range of temperature can affect the transpiration and help plants maintain their water content.

The Features

The Ubibot RS485 is a waterproof soil temperature moisture probe with a monitoring range of -40 to 85 C, +/-0.5 C; 0 to 100%RH.

The probe is made out of stainless steel and is easy to plug into soil and easy to clean due to the fact that it is rust-resistance.

It connects through a USB connector and is easy to deploy with 3 meters lead which is appropriate for use in an outdoor environment while keeping the main device indoors.

Once the Ubibot RS485 gathers data, it can be viewed on the WS1Pro and GS1-AETH1RS, GS1-AL4G1RS device screens as well as on the application or web console remotely.

There are also available alerts for all of the readings gathered by this device and can be switched in the platform between absolute humidity and relative humidity.

This probe is embedded with an industrial-grade chip and offers accurate measurement. The stainless-steel probe can be inserted into any soil for a long period of time without it being corroded.

It features a durable cable which ensures stable data transmission at any time.

In order to use it, dig a hole at over 20 cm in diameter on the ground or soil within your use case.

Insert the steel probe into the point in a horizonal direction.

Finally, berry the probe with soil and you can have your data transmitted instantly.

In order to connect to the device, simply use the USB port, then go to Settings and enable the RS485 S button.

Finally, press the power button once to trigger data sync. You will see the temperature data as EXT2 at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Each of the soil probes have been calculated within a specific factory and include data points which are conducted by placing the probe in the air to reach the minimum of 0% and pure water to reach the maximum of 100%.

When it comes to the wettest soil, the reading is expected to be at 30% AH depending on the soil type.

What Makes UbiBot Devices Great

UbiBot devices are tailor made to work in Industry, Agriculture, Pharmacy and in Homes.

The devices monitor data and transfer it to you through Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G, Ethernet cable methods.

Once the data gets to the UbiBot IoT Platform, you can view it from any phone, tablet or PC through either the official application or through the web browser.

They work through multiple platform services, which can alert you through app notifications, emails that you get 200 free email alerts per device, SMS that costs 0.02 credits per SMS and through Voice Calls that cost 0.03 credits per call.

Many features can also be automatized and implemented through IFTTT and can allow for your smart devices to talk to one another.

You can also activate things through voice commands by using Google Home and Alexa, with which all UbiBot devices can communicate with.

When it comes to the data sharing functions available with each UbiBot device, you also gain around the clock monitoring where you can share your devices with colleagues, friends or family members interested in your profession or hobby.

You can also view real-time observations and use the app to view real-time conditions while you choose exactly who to share them with.

Shared Alerts are also an option when you want another person to be aware of exactly what is happening to the soil and at what temperature and humidity it is.

You can set everything up manually and know exactly who is aware of what is happening to the soil at any given time.

The UbiBot application also gives you a single place to manage data sharing and gives you a view of who previously had access to the data, so you can manage everything more efficiently.

All of this makes the UbiBot line of devices and their extensions a must have for anyone looking to monitor their soil and have a deeper understanding on what exactly is happening to their plants and as such can bring your knowledge and plants to a whole new level of growth and efficiency.

By taking the added step of letting hardware do the heavy lifting for you, you can use the extra time to gain a bigger and more in-depth understanding on everything soil related instead of constantly having to manually monitor its temperature and humidity,

With that out of the way, make sure to try out the Ubibot RS485 for yourself.

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