How to change measurement and data sync frequency?

By default, your device will take sensor readings every 5 minutes and will sync these with the IoT Platform every 15 minutes.

The measurement and data sync frequency can be changed under the device Settings tab in the App. Tap next to any sensor entry to bring up a popup. This gives some standard intervals, or you can use the custom field to set the interval according your requirements. The minimum interval is 1 minute. You can also enable or disable each sensor on this screen.

Remember to enable any sensors you need to use, especially the external probe. Many customers forget to turn on the External Probe button, so they see no data in the readings.

The data sync interval can be set in a similar manner.

Please note, the more frequently it syncs, the shorter the battery life is, and the more frequently the sensor readings, the more quickly you will use up the internal memory. If the frequency is set too high, the frequent WiFi usage may increase the internal temperature of the device, in which case the measured temperature may be inaccurate. Therefore, we recommend to set the sync frequency to a value higher than 10 minutes.