Two devices in the same area show different temperatures. Why?

Please note:

  1. The device may temporarily show inaccurate temperatures during and after initial WiFi setup. The setup process involves heavy WiFi usage that increases the internal temperature of the device. It may take 15- 30 minutes for the unit to equilibrate with its environment after initial setup.
  2. If you have been holding a device in your hand, it can cause it to warm up noticeably. This is also true if the device has been on a warm surface or in full sunlight.
  3. If you use Micro-USB to power the device, the device will be running the USB connection mode for the first 15 minutes that may increase the internal temperature of the device. If you have just plugged in your device to the USB power source, please wait about 30-45 minutes for the device to leave the USB connection mode and equilibrate with its environment.
  4. If the data syncing frequency is set too high, such as 1 minute, the frequent WiFi usage may increase the internal temperature of the device. The default sync frequency is 15 minutes. We recommend to set the sync frequency to a value higher than 10 minutes.
  5. If you are concerned with the internal temperature sensor reading affected by the WiFi usage, you can purchase our external temperature probe that can be attached to the device via Micro-USB port. The external temperature probe (DS18B20) is waterproof and designed to operate in extreme conditions (-55ºC to 125ºC).
  6. If after a few hours, your device is still not reading correctly, please contact our support team.