UbiBot for iOS 1.2.62 Released

APP Preview:

Released Date: 21th March, 2018

Size: 50.1 MB

Language:Chinese, English

Developer: Dalian Cloud Force Technologies CO., LTD

Brief Introduction:

Control panel for managing UbiBot’s IoT device series.

This version of the App provides the following features:

-Data management: View real-time and historical IoT sensor data, graph raw or average data, share data channels and groups, manage automatic alerts when readings cross user-defined thresholds, export data in CSV format.

-Device Management: Adjust sampling rates for the sensors on the IoT device, enable/disable sensors, change how often the devices synchronises with the UbiBot IoT Platform, monitor data usage, view device details (battery status, serial number, etc.)

-Logs and messages: Manage data logs, view alert notifications and see details of data imports and exports.

-IoT Device Setup: Setup device Wi-Fi and GPRS (not available on WS1)

-Account management: Create user account, update account details, password reset.

New Features:

The following features are new:

-Language settings: Choose English(UK) or Chinese;

-Adds offline power-saving and network mode;

-Customise display and setup to reflect different IoT devices;

-Add region and timezone settings;

-Update App help text;

-Bug fixes to improve App stability.


Requires iOS 9 or later.