Installation Instruction

Please click to download: Installation Instruction

I. Installation

  1. Install UbiBotOPP
    1. Double click “UbiBotOPPSetup”.
    2. Select setup language, click [Next].
    3. Select destination location. The default installation path is “C:\UbibotOpp”, then click [Next].
    4. Select additional tasks, then click [Next].
    5. Click [Install].
    6. Click [Finish].
  2. Run UbiBotOPP
    Double click UbiBotOPP, then click [Start]. The operating status will turn green.

    Note: If the system prompts that the port is occupied, please click the Settings button to modify the port.

  3. Privatization Environment Parameter Setting
    1. Click the ServerURL. After the first installation, the page will jump to the setting page. If you need to modify the settings later, please go to
    2. Upload the license which download in the App Center.

      After the upload, the key information will be shown on the page.
    3. If no special setting is needed, please click [DB Link Test] to check whether the database is connected.

      Note: [Import database] will overwrite the privatized data and is recommended only for the first installation.

      After click [Import Database], please click [DB link test] again to confirm the database link is successful.

    4. Click [Submit], then it will jump to the console platform.

II. Activate the device

  1. Install the CH340 driver
    1. Double click “CH341SER”.
    2. Click [Install].
  2. Install PC Tool
    1. Double click “PcToolsIO Setup 1.2.1”.
    2. Click [Install].
    3. Click [Finish].
  3. Activate device
    Please ensure that the device to be activated is not bound. If not, restore the factory setting of the device first.

    1. Double click PC Tool.
    2. Connect the device to the computer with a USB cable.
    3. Click [Server Setup].
    4. Click [Start].
    5. Enter the host, port and backup IP, then click [Next].
      • Host:the host name set in the key.
      • Port: 80(default). If the port in UbiBotOPP has been modified, please fill in the new port number.
      • Backup IP: the IP address set in the key.

    6. WiFi setup. Choose the network, set the Network SSID and password, then click [Start Setup]. After the setup, the device will be shown in the console platform.

III. Log in the console

Access (local server only) or the specified host address, such as

The default user name is admin, and password is 123456.

Click [Data Warehouse], the activated devices are shown in the page.

Note: If you need to bind the device again after deleting it, restore the factory setting of the device first.